Friday, March 25, 2011


...days until CJ takes the mound versus the Red Sox.

I intended to write a blog about faith AND baseball.  However, I've been leaving out the baseball part.  I can't resist anymore.  I need baseball.  The world needs baseball.  I personally am tired of all the bickering about the NFL owners and their money, the players and their money, and how they can't agree on who needs a bigger piece of the pie.  I'm not in the position to discuss any of it.  If you have a comment about it, keep it to yourself.  I don't care.  Baseball, that's where it's at!

Apparently a couple days ago the Rangers decided on their rotation for Opening Day.  It was set with CJ, Lewis, Hunter, Holland & Harrison.  After reading about it, I loved it.  Good solid choices.  Then only hours later Hunter had to go and pull a groin.  Great... So, he'll start the year on the disabled list.  Again.  To be quite honest, it worked out for him last year--he had a great year, but I want him to do that from day 1.  We've had several candidates vying for a spot in the rotation, that's a good problem to have.  They may not all be aces like a particular National League team I know of, but the Rangers are definitely in a better position that some teams.  CJ, obviously is our frontrunner to have a standout season.  Last year he really stepped it up and proved what he said he could do--be a winner.  Lewis, I hadn't heard too much out of them this off-season, not a bad thing.  Last year he proved that he is a quality starting pitchers-again, no ace-but no shame in having him.  This is a crucial year for Lewis to prove that what he learned in Japan wasn't a fluke.  It's a contract year and he could be looking at a very nice contract next year if he repeats last year's success.  As for Holland, save for the meltdown vs the Giants (pull the guy, he can't throw a strike!!!!!!), I think he's getting better, he has to keep his cool when out on the mound.  He's had a good Spring, roughed up a little, but shown very good stuff.  Feliz.  Happy thoughts to say the least.  Should he start?  Should he close?  Another good problem to have.  I don't think we can undermine the value of a quality closer.  I know we need five quality starters, but if we can fill the spots with guys who've shown they have the ability, put Feliz back in the 'pen!  I honestly don't know, but did the Yankees have the same deliberations with Rivera in the mid-'90s?  Certainly worked out for him either way.

I wish I could say I've kept up with every little thing the Rangers have done this Spring.  I can't, I've been busy myself.  After Opening Day, expect a fully functioning baseball addict to be doing more baseball blogs!

"'If you can'?" said Jesus. "Everything is possible for him who believes." - Mark 9:23

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  1. You will see more stuff about baseball on my blog as well!! I can't wait! THREE MORE DAYS!!!