Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Rollin' Rangers!

Sometimes things happen and after immediate diagnosis, seem to be a bad thing. However, God has his eye on everything. Last night and leading into this morning is definitely one of those times.

Little Sister stayed a couple nights at my house early this week because Mom went to Arizona for Grandpa's funeral services (this may seem like random information, but it's vital to this story).

I went to another Rangers (who are 4-0!!) game yesterday. You're shocked, I know. Haha. I typically don't go to weekday games because I get up so early. But, last night the team was giving away replica American League Championship rings... I had to have one! I had a great time at the game! I met a Twitter friend, Rachel, which was awesome!

I got home about 1130ish and got into bed about midnight.  I set TWO alarms for 4am.  About 730 this morning I woke up and noticed sunlight outside.  That's not good.  If I wake up and there's sunlight, I've done something wrong!  I have no idea if my alarms even went off.  So I got up, called my boss and told him I'd just woken up.  He wasn't mad.  But he did call me the name of the guy who was just fired because he couldn't show up on time... Now I'm THAT guy.  I went into the other bedroom in my house to make sure Little Sister has already gone to school.  Still asleep! I woke her up and asked if she has to go to school.  She started flippin' out.  She got up and called a friend for a ride and was able to make it to school on time.

Let's think about it.  If I hadn't gone to a game last night I wouldn't have overslept this morning.  If I hadn't overslept this morning, Little Sister would've missed school altogether.  Her attending class is a lot more important than me making it to work.  Moral of the story: God works in mysterious ways.

Rudolph (I got the red nose Sunday at the game) & Rachel

The rings they gave out were a LOT nicer than I had imagined they would be. I guess this is pewter? I don't know. I know it fits my pinky finger. So now I have pinky jewelry!
The new bling!
Derek Holland pitched last night.  This guy has good stuff, he's just gotta keep his cool on the mound.  I think he lets his emotions get the best of him when he gets into a little trouble.  Derek did pretty well last night, can't wait to see how he follows last night's performance.
Lefties do it right!
Josh getting ready to let loose on that poor, unsuspecting baseball!
Elvis hit his first HR last night since the '09 season!
O'Daaay! O'Day O'Day O'Day!!
Sidearm! That just looks like it hurts!
Feliz came in to seal the 'W'
I'm making this guy's walk-up music my ringtone-wicked awesome!
This guy thought he had a chance! Ha!
"Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths." Proverbs 3:5-6


  1. It was nice meeting you! You know me and my friends will be at other games throughout the season, you should join us again! Go Rangers!

    God does work in mysterious ways. Glad your sister made it to school on time.


  2. Excellent write-up and pictures!!