Friday, April 15, 2011

Tentative Scheduling

Tonight my beloved Texas Rangers played the hated Yankees.  And they won!!  Woohoo!!  It was also Jackie Robinson Day, which I particularly love every year.  Jackie Robinson played second base for the Brooklyn Dodgers (that's why I wear a Brooklyn Dodgers cap sometimes), just as Ian Kinsler does for the Rangers.  Kinsler wears his pants up high and shows a lot of sock in his uniform because that's how Jackie Robinson did it.  Very cool.

I would have loved to have seen the Yankees lose in a growing rivalry with the Rangers, however I had a meeting with the rest of the Tanzania Mission Trip team.  The game was definitely worth missing, I had such a great time tonight getting to meet everyone!  I met a lot of people and I hope I can learn all their names... Mix a horrible memory with a lot of new faces and they'll be lucky if I guess a gender-correct name!

Tonight in the meeting we discussed the our day-to-day schedule for the duration of the trip.  To be safe, Scott said we should arrive at the airport three hours before our flight.  I'd be surprised if I'm not there four or five hours before takeoff.  I love airports.  They have an excited energy that you can't see anywhere else.  There are people coming and going.  Some leaving loved ones and others greeting those they haven't seen in years.  I love it.  I could sit in a terminal and people-watch all day.  We depart June 15 from DFW and fly to Amsterdam.
DFW Airport (International Terminal)

We will have about a two hour layover in Amsterdam.  I was kinda hoping for a longer one, but that's ok.  After boarding for Africa we fly to Entebbe, Uganda then bus to a Guest House in Kampala.
Emmaus Guest House
The following day (Friday), we travel to Karagwe.  Karagwe is a region in Northwest Tanzania, I put arrows on the map to indicate the general area.
Karagwe, Tanzania
The group will be staying at the Lutheran Guest House from June 17 to June 28.  I tried, to no avail, to find a picture of this house.  That's ok, I bet I come back with one!  By the time we arrive at the Lutheran Guest House, we will have been traveling, save for one night's sleep, almost non stop for two full days.  We will use Saturday as a day for R&R and to meet with translators and plan our week.

Sunday we will be divided into two teams and visit churches and give our testimonies.  The pastors that are going will be preaching as well.  I hope they've been studying their Swahili! (I'm kidding... That's what the translators are there for).

The rest of the week will include a Leadership Conference and visiting schools, villages and lead Revival services.  We will be doing other things, but I'm not real sure what those things are yet.

Monday, June 27, we are to travel three hours to Bukoba.  Here we will shop, relax, and cross Lake Victoria.  If you will refer to the above map, the top right arrow is in the middle of Lake Victoria.  Bukoba is on the West side of the lake, South of the Uganda border.  Tuesday through Thursday consist of a Safari in the Serengeti.  Check out the link, it's really cool.  I'm not gonna lie, I'm kinda looking forward to this.  I'm not into game hunting so I hope I don't see any of that.  It's just not my thing.  However, I think I could stand to see a "cheetah take down a gazelle" (with a British guy narrating like on the National Geographic Channel).

On Thursday we depart from Kilimanjaro for Amsterdam.  A three hour layover this time, then home to bring in the new month.

It's been a long day, good night!!


  1. The International terminal (Terminal D) at DFW is the newest and nicest and has the best selection of restaurants, so you could definitely spend hours there! I think airports are a wonderful place to draw inspiration for writing. You have plenty of time to think while you write and you start to wonder about the life journeys of all the people rushing around you. Just a little inside information, they will be renovating the American Airlines terminals starting with A, then C in the near future. I did the survey work and schematic design phase for Terminal A. Sounds like you are going to have a really awesome time on your trip! Godspeed!

    {Dream. Plan. Live.}

  2. It sounds like it will be an amazing trip! I'll definitely be praying for you and your group along with the people you'll be meeting along the way.