Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Politicians Close the Divide

The seemingly endless divide between politicians and their agendas tend to cause a lot of heartache and grief.  So many people get bent out of shape at the thought of one side getting their way while the other side of the political machine has to take a backseat.  I saw the following video earlier and it was, well, I guess I'll call it heartwarming.

I was actually awake and watching the Dodgers versus Nationals game late last night when Bryce Harper ran into the wall.  I had to rewind and replay it a few times because it was brutal and I'm a guy and we want to watch things like that over and over again.  I suppose that he simply didn't recognize that he was so close to the wall --but I commend him on the way he plays.  He reminds me of Rusty Greer.  If you don't know who that is, A) You're not a Rangers fan, even if you claim to be and 2) He endeared himself to the fans because he gave it his all (which ultimately cost him a longer career), like Harper.  I hope he's not down and out too long, he sure is fun to watch.

Disclaimer: The "heartwarming" comment above is in jest, bro.


  1. Rusty Greer was one of my all time fav Rangers, along with Pudge, Ripkin, Palmeiro and of course...Ryan. My question for you is, what does politics have in connection with this video/event?

  2. I entered my comment too soon....is it simply the fact that these opposing politicians are discussing Harper's incident? Or am I missing something?