Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Beloved Yankee, In Closing

Tuesday night was the 2013 All-Star game.  I generally enjoy the Home Run Derby more than the All-Star game because of all the big home runs --and I find it more exciting than a game that is horribly managed with players who generally don't care if their respective league wins.  This year, however, the All-Star game was pretty great.  The game was played as if it mattered --incredible pitching and defense, the way baseball should be played.  This year is also Mariano Rivera's final year in baseball, therefore it was his final All-Star appearance.  While I was hoping to see him pitch the ninth, the decision was made by Jim Leyland to have Rivera pitch the eighth inning.

I grew up hating the Yankees.  Now that I'm married to a woman who absolutely loves the Yankees, I must root for them when they're not playing my team.  It's still difficult, but I love my wife more than baseball so I sacrifice.  Having said that, I have never hated Mariano Rivera.  He is the most humble baseball player I think I've had the pleasure of seeing in person or on TV.  The game of baseball will be missing a piece of humble pie when Mariano is gone.

In "closing", here is another goodbye.  Tim McCarver has been in the broadcast booth for many, many years.  I enjoy his broadcasts with Joe Buck.  A loooooot of people really don't like either of those guys and are very crude about it in social media.  Well, they'll finally be rid of half of the Fox baseball broadcast team because Tim McCarver is retiring.  The following video is from the tail-end of the Fox All-Star game broadcast.  I thought it was great and hope you enjoy it.

"A friend is always a friend..." -Proverbs 17:17


  1. OK, Donny. My heart melted a little when you said you love your wife more than you love baseball. <3 You're a good one. Hope there are more like you out there.

  2. Sniff sniff! I love you more than baseball too! :)