Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Get Together

"Based on where he is and his talent level as a quarterback, I'm not sure I want to deal with all the distractions that come with it," said Tony Dungy talking about Tim Tebow.  Well, folks, you heard it here first.  Dungy hates Christians.

Wow. I can't believe he hates homosexuals and Christians. What a bigot. 

Dungy was speaking to a reporter before the NFL draft when he was asked if he would take Michael Sam, given talk of Oprah's network, OWN, doing a reality show encompassing Sam's rookie season.  No, he said, because of all the distractions that would come with a film crew and all the extra media, etc...  I'm still looking for the quote that said it was because he is gay.  

It's all about context. Anything can be taken out of context. Don't believe me? Ask President Obama, I'm sure he's misquoted and taken out of context far more often than Tony Dungy (which is why I don't watch the news).

Is Dungy being attacked because he doesn't understand the plight of the minority?  Doubtful.  There was a time when he couldn't get a coaching job in the NFL because it was an exclusive whites-only fraternity

It's because he is a Christian.  Bob Kravitz of the Indianapolis Star-Ledger wrote that he "wouldn't expect Dungy to open the door too widely to a gay athlete" because of "his expressed opposition to gay marriage."  Yes, Bob, that's exactly what Dungy said.  Great context Bob.  Bob gets a raise. 

Not really, Bob.  Dungy actually said, "Well gay marriage and who should be on a football team have nothing to do with each other... To equate this to gay marriage to me is really silly."  While Dungy doesn't agree with that lifestyle, he doesn't hate people for it.

Personally, I have no idea how good a football player Michael Sam will become.  He seems to be a pretty nice guy, I've never heard a negative thing about him.  His chances of making the Rams roster aren't great, but I hope he does well --which is what I wish for any athlete beginning his professional career. 

A lot of people who claim to be Christians actually hate people they don't agree with.  It's sad, really, that they can't do as God says in Mark 12:31 and "Love thy neighbor."  Maybe it sounds a little to "hippie" for some conservative Christians, but to love is God's word.  He didn't say we had to approve of their lifestyle, He said we had to love them.  Let's work on that.

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